intoGres combines ease of use, while still giving you root access and total control over you Wildfly instance.

True tiered hosting with incremental backups.

Stop, Start, and Restart Wildfly via your control panel. Deploy and undeploy WARs and edit main configuration files.

Clone, snapshot, and restore your PostgreSQL and MySQL databases in one click.

Your choice of CentOS 7, Debian 8 or 9, Ubuntu 14 or 16, Fedora 24 or 25, and Scientific Linux 7.

Email and DNS is hosted on cPanel, providing you with the best combination of control and convenience, all without sacrificing root access.

With over 10 years of hosting experience, you can rest assured that your instance is secure, available, and tuned for optimal performance.



All plans include incremental, offsite backup for all tiers. Restore anything from a single file to an entire in one click.

Affordable Load Balancing options as well as Clustering options.


Choice of US, UK, or DE Hosting Locations Dedicated Resources
Private WildFly Instance Private JVM
Webmin with WildFly Panel Latest Oracle JDK
cPanel for Domains and Email Latest PostgreSQL
Root Access One-Click Clone
postgres Super User Access One-Click Snapshot
GIT One-Click Restore
Unlimited Domains Perl, Python, and PHP
Email Hosting PostGIS and PgRouting




per month




500 GB Transfer

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$ 150

per month

100 GB SSD



4 TB Transfer

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why cPanel AND Webmin?
2. What if I don't want to host my domain or email with intoGres?
3. Can I install WordPress, Drupal, etc...?
4. Is my data backed up?
5. How long have you been doing this for?
6. I am in Europe. Can I be billed via a European entity?
7. Do you offer a Reseller Program?
8. What is 'JDirector'?

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