What is the difference between Shared Cloud and Cloud VPS/Dedicated Cloud?


Shared Cloud hosting is offered on a server which hosts multiple clients.  It's main appeal is ease of use and low pricing.  Shared Cloud hosting offers all of the benefits of cloud hosting (failover, easy scaling, distributed services, etc..) while keeping pricing low.  


Cloud VPS provides a vitrual private server (VPS) in our cloud in which you are the only occupant.  It also provides root access, allows you to install additional software, and affords complete control over your entire environment.  It also provides additional security by isolating you from other clients and allowing you to make access as restrictive as you wish to.


Dedicated Cloud has all the benefits of Cloud VPS but offers the highest level of isolation.  Rather than being a virtual server on a cluster with other virtual servers, the entire physical server is allocated to you alone.


All Cloud Hosting services (Shared Cloud, Cloud VPS, and Dedicated Cloud) can be scaled up or down at any time.


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