Data Center Locations

United States: New York City

New York Internet Data Centre. Manhattan. 100 Willaims Street

SSAE16, SOC, PCI, and HIPAA-Compliant, NYI has delievered 99.9999% uptime since 1996. NYI’s fully meshed, BGP4-based, fault-tolerant network offers no single point of failure. Few datacenters have been around longer. Even fewer can claim NYI's record of excellence. Industry watchers Netcraft gives NYI a "risk rating" of zero out of 10. Over 2MW of power available. N + 1 UPS configuration with 15 minutes of battery runtime at full capacity. Generator Backup capable of at least 72 Hours Runtime. Power density of over 150 Watts per square foot. Automatic Transfer Switch Gear (ATS) which switches to generator power within 90 seconds of commercial power loss. Hospital-grade fueling contracts with multiple vendors to ensure priority refueling. Learn more at

United Kingdom: Maidstone

Custodian Data Centre. MaidStone, Kent. United Kingdom.

ISO 27001 Certified. True 2N UPS dual path resilience, 2N+1 is available Automatically activated diesel generators with priority refuelling contracts. ‘On-Line’ design for zero interruption during power-fail. Full system monitoring and automated self-diagnostics. Full UPS chassis by-pass can be achieved without interrupting load. Triple Network Power grid feeds. Three on site sub-stations Almost unlimited power per rack. Critical SLA’s on power provision. Fully UPS backed cooling. Bi-weekly generator testing under full load

Learn more at:


Germany: Frankfurt

Equinix Data Centre. Campus Kleyer. Frankfurt, Germany

Compliant with key international standards including ISO 9001: 2008 for quality management systems and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 for information security management systems. Multiple interconnected Tier 3+ sites. Access to DE-CIX’s direct and settlement-free IP interconnection infrastructure, with more than 500 members from 55+ countries. Five buildings with 33,000+ square meters (357,000+ square feet) of colocation space. Access to the 139 members of the Kleyrex Internet Exchange, two-thirds of which do not peer outside the exchange, and to the 180 members of the DataIX exchange

Frankfurt, Germany:

DC Certifications

ISO2700 ISO2008 EU Safe Harbor

PostgreSQL Cloud Hosting Features

Email Hosting PostgreSQL 9

Unlimited PostgreSQL 9 databases are included in all PostgreSQL Cloud VPS and Shared Cloud Hosting packages. Create, manage, and restore your PostgreSQL databases from your control panel or SSH or any tools you wish to. While one database per cluster is recommended for Cloud VPS hosting, we don't restrict you and leave the decision up to you. You can create as many databases as you wish to.

Hosting Control Panel Control Panels

Create and manage your databases as well as backup, clone, and restore via our exclusive PostgreSQL control panel. You can also access via SSH or any remote tool you wish to (such as PgAdminIII). We also offer PostgreSQL Studio and phpPgAdmin as free add-ons. A comprehensive control panel for web, DNS, and email is also incuded.

Cloud Hosting Automated Backups

All of your PostgreSQL databases are automatically backed up to an offsite server daily. Backups are taken in both Plain Text and Custom formats and both can be accessed, downloaded, as well as restored via your control panel.

domain hosting One-Click Restore

Restore any scheduled backup or your own on-demand backups in one click via our exclusive control panel.

Email Hosting Clone Database

Clone your databases in a single mouse click to create an exact copy of your database. Clones can be used for testing, version control, or any other purpose.

Control panel True Cloud Hosting

Our PostgreSQL Cloud Hosting infrastructure is powered by OnApp, providing you with easy scaling as well as failover and redundancy.

All-SSD network Continuous Data Protection

All of our PostgreSQL Cloud Hosting packages include Continuous Data Protection (CDP) backup servers, CDP servers take incremental backups of your web, application, and database every 30 minutes. CDP is in addition to the included automated daily database backups and on-demand backups.

Daily backups One-Click Snapshots

Backup your databases in one click via our control panel. On-demand backups are stored on a remote backup server, not locally on your server. You can access, download, or restore these backups via your control panel.

Control panel Domain Hosting

All of our PostgreSQL Cloud Hosting plans include unlimited domain hosting. Host as many domains as you need with a single account.

SSL Support Email Hosting

All PostgreSQL Cloud hosting packages include email hosting with unlimited email boxes. POP, POPS, IMAP, and IMAPS. Acces via Webmail or configure email with your phone, Outlook, or any compatible devices.

All-SSD network All-SSD network

All of our cloud hosting plans include SSD disks for both the web and database tiers. SSD disks are up to 300% faster than traditional SATA disks.

Daily backups Access From Anywhere

You can access your databases securely from anywhere via any compatible client or application.

Control panelUSA, UK, or Germany

All PostgreSQL Shared Cloud Hosting packages allow you to select between the Untited States (New York), United Kingdon (Maidstone), and Germany (Frankfurt). Cloud VPS and Dedicated Cloud offer a choice of Untited States (New York) or United Kingdon (Maidstone).

SSL Support SSL Support

SSL Support is available for all of our PostgreSQL Cloud Hosting services. We offer the full line of Comodo, GeoTrust, and Symantec. Or purchase your own SSL and we will install and configure it for you.

Control panelSSH Access

All cloud hosting packages include SSH access as well as PIP and virtualenv.

SSL Support Generous Bandwidth

All PostgreSQL Cloud Hosting packages include generous bandwidth allotment. You can also scale your bandwidth at any time.

Control panelExtension Installers

Install HSTORE, UUID, PgCrypto, Cube, EarthDistance, DBLink, and more in a single mouse click! You can also install any extension or module from the command line as well.

SSL Support Foreign Data Wrappers

Install Foreign Data Wrappers for Oracle, MySQL, WWW, ODBC, TDS and more in one click via your control panel.

Control panelPostGIS 2.1

Install PostGIS 2.1 on your PostgreSQL databases in one mouse click. You can also install many other extensions via our control panel. You can also install extensions via shell as well.

SSL Support PgRouting 2.0

Install PgRouting 2.0 into your PostGIS enabled databases in a single mouse click.

PHP Hosting PHP Support

All hosting packages include support for PHP, including PHP-PostgreSQL and PDO PGSQL.

Perl Hosting Perl Support

All hosting packages include support for Perl including DBD-Pg and cgi-bin.

Python Hosting Python Support

All hosting packages include support for Python including psycopg2. PIP, Virtualenv, and mod_wgsi are also enabled.

SSH Access GIS Tools

Our PostgreSQL cloud hosting includes GIS tools such as CGAL, GDAL, Proj, Geos, and many others.


Unmimited MySQL 5 databases are included in all packages. Create and manage MySQL databases from your control panel.

PostgreSQL 9App Auto-Installer

Our Application Auto-Installer allows you to install 100s of applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, NodeJS, and much more...

No Minimum Contract No Minimum Contract

While we do offer discounts for semi-annual and annual hosting, all services are available on a monthly basis with no minimum contract.

 14 Day Guarantee 14 Day Guarantee

All of our shared hosting packages carry an unconditional, 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you do not wish to continue the service during this time, simply let us know and your purchase will be refunded. This does not include domain names, SSL, or other items for which you retain ownership as detailed in our TOS.

Email Hosting Private JVM

All intoGres PostgreSQL Tomcat, JBoss/WildFly, and GlassFish hosting includes private JVM with your choice of JDK 6, 7, or 8.

domain hosting Tomcat Instance

Private Tomcat hosting in the United States, United Kingdom, or Germany. One click stop/start/restart from our control panel. Map your domains to port 80 in one click as well. Scale any resource you need.

All-SSD network JBoss (WildFly)

Private JBoss / Wildfly Cloud Hosting. United States, United Kingdom, or Germany. One click stop/start/restart from our control panel. Map your domains to port 80 in one click and scale any resource you need.

Control panel GlassFish

Private GlassFish 2,3, or 4 Cloud Hosting. United States, United Kingdom, or Germany. One click stop/start/restart from our control panel. Map your domains to port 80 in one click and scale any resource you need.

Email Hosting Oracle 11g or 12c

The best things in life are free. But sometimes you need proprietary software. That's why we off Oracle 11g and 12c Standard Edition as add-ons for your hosting. For those opting to add Oracle 11g or 12c, all of our web and application servers include oci8 (php), CX_oracle (Python), DBD:Oracle (Perl) support.

domain hosting Streaming Replication

Purchase two PostgreSQL Cloud VPS instances (or add instances) and we will configure streaming replication. Streaming replication provides read-only slave servers you can use to balance load as well as for failover.